A good sense of humor scores over good looks


Is there someone around you whom you very much admire for his or her wit and aspire to be like? If the answer is no, my question to you is: where is your cave?

A witty person has many of his other shortcomings under a veil because he has the potential to embellish his best trait. Often, you would be seeing a very ordinary looking guy with a bombshell of a woman and while you are wondering why, the fact is that she has been exposed to his humorous side. It isn’t for nothing that many women rank a good sense of humor at top, often ahead of good looks because of the impermanence of the latter feature.

There was a pornstar’s interview on the You Tube channel that I saw, and on being asked, what kind of man interested her the most, she replied that her favorite man was a famous comedian because of his ability to make her laugh. Please don’t take it as my suggestion to give direction to your love life but if it is true for someone ‘who has seen it all, done it all’ person, how false it can be for an average woman on the street?

Relationships are a complicated matter, particularly between spouses. It is no wonder that more marriages are ending up in a divorce than ever before. It is already a social epidemic. It is said that, in a marriage, man provides the landscape and woman provide the environment.

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Wit Quote


"Wit rules in communication like a wife rules in a family"

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