Wit is to words what high quality wine is to water


With no offense to teetotalers, I may rephrase it as ‘Wit is to words what water is to piss’. God knows whether I successfully by-passed offending them or I caused what I intended to avoid. Nevertheless, the point is ‘get creative with your words to avoid getting unnoticed’.

In as much as beauty and money is a source of power, wit is too. Perhaps, it is the most underrated element in the human personality. Ever wondered why great wits adorned the courts of Kings all over the world? Because there is something known as a beautiful mind too.

In a world, where the need to compete is ever increasing and the tools with which to do so ever decreasing to their exclusivity, how far are you willing to go or how long are you willing to wait till you revolutionize the way you speak without the fear of being politically correct?

‘Familiarity breeds contempt’ is a well-known and age-old aphorism. The truth in it is universal. After all, you cannot dislike a stranger. Mark Twain did a fantastic touch of humor by twisting the maxim saying ‘Familiarity breeds contempt………besides children’. This twist has the sweet and sour equivalent of the gravy in a dish.

In a social media age, where more people are knowing more people than ever before, some heart-burning is inevitable. Ever wondered why it is the chickens which get eaten and not lions? So be a lion to the extent that your words, or for that matter, your roar can permit you to be.

When was the last time that it occurred to you that you could have made a befitting reply after a verbal duel with someone long over?

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Wit Quote


"I don't want to rain on your parade but and because you have dry wit"

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