What Make ScorEven Unique

ScorEven.com is different!

There are plenty of resources available on internet about humour.  Some tell jokes, some tell anecdotes, some show funny pictures, some present quotes.  Sometimes you find them funny sometimes you don’t. At Scoreven.com besides getting amused with the content, you will also get a chance to ‘learn humour’.

Largest Database

One of the largest database of one-liners using wit and sarcasm on the Internet with over 50,000 of them


Expanding at the rate of 400 one-liners a week

Variety of Situations

All the one-liners are based on a variety of situations between two individuals

Unique Gradation

The gradation of the one-liners as to the # of chillies and the intended recipient is unique


Every one-liner written by the member is evaluated in terms of the observance of the rules specified


All the one-liners are written specifically for this website

Great Punches

Too much said is met half-way with too less listened

To the point

Saying it in 20,000 words, easy! But the challenge is, saying it in less than 20