It is better to weigh before you say

It is more often than not that a witty observation can earn an audience’s admiration for its anecdotal value. George Carlin, a darling amongst comedians in the 80s, had a very keen eye in word play. Some of his note-worthy observations are as under:

If a crime-fighter is a person, who fights crime. If a fire-fighter is a person, who fights fire. Then, a freedom fighter is a person who fights freedom.

Why do they have the keys in Braille on the drive thru path of a Bank ATM?

There is no better way to stand out amongst an audience than to delve into the armoire of your wit and to come up with a topical observation that is worthy of everyone’s attention though caution is advised in the process as the following incident is just about to reveal.

The setting was of a party in the honor of my friend’s sister-in-law who was visiting Canada for a short term course that she was doing in the University of Toronto. She came from a country with English as a second language. It was evident from her limited conversation with all the people present in the party that she wasn’t too comfortable in expressing herself. At one point of time, the conversation turned to the work pressures on the job specifically and the life in general. In what appeared to be a desperate attempt to make her presence felt in the group, she muttered something like ‘I too am working with my ass here’. It was obvious that she had heard the expression ‘working my ass off’ however, it is quite needless to add the reaction of all those in hearing range.

If you are among those who were advised ‘when in doubt, shout’, now you know how amongst some advisors you can find enemies.

‘It is better to weigh before you say’  is the new maxim of the modern world era.

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