Words speak louder than actions.

man shouting on another man

If actions speak louder than words, there wouldn’t be one politician in the world that ever gets re-elected.

Let’s face it, the truth is ‘Words speak louder than actions’. Doubt me? If you are a married man or a guy with a girlfriend, you shall bear me out. A promise of an action can get you the action at night. If only actions could get you an action at night, the world’s population would be three-fourths of what it is now. For the uninitiated, by ‘the action at night’, I mean ‘getting laid’.

Take the proportion of any day that you spend speaking, reading and writing words to taking action, whereby I mean action meaning progressive activities making a difference in your life. Of all the successful people in the world, a majority spends more time in the former activity than in the latter.

Why do you think being in the gym is a boring activity? Because there are no words involved when you are exercising. An empty mind is like stairs without a hand rail. There is always a fear of falling down. That’s why you see most gyms nowadays have televisions or the people exercising bring with them their iPods.

The sequence is something like this.

Wit Quote


"Wit is the art of saying something which obviates the need to do anything"

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