A family that laughs together, stays together


The world around us is changing. Earlier, it used to be said that ‘A family that eats together, stays together’. Not anymore. Experience has taught us ‘A family that laughs together, stays together’.

A wise quip has the effect of a tiny orgasm in the mind of the speaker and his audience. The scientific studies say that long after the physical attraction between a couple is gone, it is their sense of humor that helps them tide over the trials and tribulations of a relationship. What strengthens the bond is a couple’s ability to stimulate each other mentally.

Parents, who make an effort to understand the modern day lingo, have a two way communication channel open with their kids. Such people may not ever have a larger than life image before their children but they definitely have better bonds with them.

Lets face it. Each successive generation is investing little in being politically correct and sounding more naturally like the person they are. And to an extent rightly so. By being who you are not, you are only promoting the vision of the society which sometimes has an angle to keep the younger ones amongst it in their place.

A good sense of humor goes a long way in bringing a commonness of purpose between all the family members, and it helps in fostering a better understandability and a tolerant environment at home.

Do you agree that a good sense of humor is one of the most vital elements in bringing spouses and their children together?

A follow-up question: Who amongst you had an Uncle who is still remembered for his wise-quips even though he is past his prime or has passed away? Share your story with us below:

Doesn’t your answer tell you one thing? That a person’s intelligence is remembered for long after he is gone!

Wit Quote


"If you want your wit to stand out, don't use it to annoy your wife"

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