Death is a great equalizer


After the game of chess is over, the king and pawn go into the same box’ is an Italian proverb. It is a beautiful play of words. The thought could have also been said as

Death is a great equalizer.

The insects and worms under the Earth disregard status of their feed.

The coffin, big or small, accommodating a person, big or small, is usually of wood.

However, the analogy that the proverb gives is unbeatable. The human mind is wired to recognize the simile and appreciate the sense which it conveys. It packs the maximum sense in the minimum possible words, and hence its effectiveness with any kind of audience is a sure-fire experience.

We’ve all been in situations where we had wished that we had the capability to articulate our feelings in a way which we have seen others, whom we admire, doing. In this connection, the conversation that Oscar Wilde had with XXXXXX illustrates the point.

Oscar Wilde: I wish I had said that

XXXXXX: Oh you will.

An all time great wit like Oscar Wilde had wished to use someone else’s words, which attracted a subsequent dig from XXXXXXX suggesting plagiarism. That is the power of words.

How often have you been quoting someone else only because of the value of the sense that the expression delivers? is a platform for a circus of wit and sarcasm

Wit Quote


"Wit is the art of marrying two dissimilar ideas in such a way that their child makes sense"

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