Eloquence is the ability to describe Pamela Anderson without a use of hands

As is customary in all my letters to begin with an interesting story, which is to the liking of readers too, this time as well, I begin with a very interesting anecdote.

I was at a party where I had a chance encounter with an old man who was undoubtedly very wise as it did unfold in the course of my conversation with him. Of the many things, we discussed that day, at one time the topic drifted to the changing value system in the society over the years. He illustrated it beautifully with an example. I will try to reproduce as much in verbatim as my memory allows. It goes on like this:

How the society as a whole has transformed can be explained in one example. In the olden days, if a person was requested by the guilty party to give false evidence in a court of law to establish an alibi for him, chances are the answer would be ‘Sorry but I have children at home’ thereby, implying his fear of the curse that such an action of his would attract from the victim. And nowadays, if a person was caught giving a false evidence in favor of the guilty in a court of law, and he was asked ‘why did you do this?’, his answer would be the same ‘I have children at home’. But the same answer this time means that I had to do so as I have a family to feed. It is this paradigm shift that our value system has taken.

After he completed his anecdote, though in the beginning, I had a different view of how humans are the same over time, I had to surrender. This is what wit can accomplish.

Many a times, the wit of comedians and humorists stumps us similarly.

As one comedian puts it ‘Eloquence is the ability to describe Pamela Anderson without a use of hands’. A better definition of the word ‘Eloquence’ is not available in the dictionary itself.

Do you think the ability to articulate your feelings can be used as a mode to change the views and stereotypes of the people that you are talking to?

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