Your wit can put the limelight on you


A couple of decades earlier, in my previous life, I was once attending a   get-together of my Accounting Institute from UK at a five star Hotel in New Delhi, India. There were several westerners there who were  present because of their affiliation with the same Institute. During the course of my interaction with them, I found out that some of them were staying and working in India for the past around five years or so. I think it worthy to mention here that till that point of time, I had never stepped out of India.

Out of my curiosity, I asked one of the guests present, what did they find different about the people in India and the people in the Western world? The tall gentleman, to whom I had posed the question, took an unusually long pregnant pause and then said ‘You Indians are Honest below the belt and we westerners are Honest above the belt’. He said it just loud enough for the entire group of around 10-12 people into a spontaneous burst of laughter.

Thereafter, it was as if all the attendees at the party had their ears only for what this tall gentleman had to say. I must add here that he was not as much funny later but the fact that he entrenched himself in his wit so early in this sub-conscious attempt of every person to get the other person’s attention that no one could dislodge him later

Do you think if you were in place of that Tall gentleman, could you come up with a brilliant line as him?

Don’t say ‘yes’ unless you are willing to share the line with us. So what would your line be? Send that to us here. is a platform for a circus of wit and sarcasm

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"Wit is a way of telling your audience that your words have arrived"

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