Words are greater than action


Before you open your mouth, your face speaks. After you open your mouth, your words do.”

Perception is greater than reality. By default, doesn’t it translate to “words are greater than action”? Every four years, a politician rides the crest of wave that he builds around his oratorical skills and the mastery of his words. Very often, little does he do in his office to match up to the euphoria that transported him there but then, such is the power of words because they stir dormant souls.

A person’s ability to articulate his thoughts gives him a position of unique standing amongst those around whom they are. It is an experience too obvious to be missed. All you have to do is to just look around yourself, unless of course, you have a vested interest in not seeing yourself grow.

The first chapter in Leadership skills is on growing your effective communication abilities. One aspect of communication which is very neglected is the thinking behind the matter which gets written or spoken. The key is speak as you would like to hear others. Chances are what you admire in others, others will admire in you.

To sound interesting is as important as what you do to look good. Books are to your mind what cosmetics are to your face but for the latter there is one such thing as an inner glow. However unfortunately, human beings have been unable to tap onto the equivalent of inner glow to mind, which is the basic intellect.

I wouldn’t just say that you owe it to teach yourself to sound interesting because a bore is a lot bigger to his audience. At the risk of annoying you, I proceed to enlighten you.

Do you know a person whom you are willing to pay to be quiet

Is that person this writer?

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"Wit gives teeth to your words. That is why it is called a 'tongue in cheek' comment"

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