The following FAQs will help you understand the purpose, rules, regulations, stipulations, etc. about using this website

“What is the mission of this website?”

To promote the use of wit and sarcasm in common language resulting in the increase of effectiveness in communication styles

“What is the legality of ScorEven?”

Every member has to sign the terms of use before he can participate in the game of ScorEven. These terms of use are comprehensive in their wording and style, and have been legally vetted.

“Who can be the sender?”

Any individual can be a sender.

“Who can be the recipient?”

Any individual or his/ her business can be a recipient.

“Can the message be sent to the recipient’s business?”

Yes. A message can be sent to the recipient’s business.

“Can the sender forward the message to anybody other than the intended recipient?”

Absolutely not.

“What if the sender sends the message to an incorrect e-mail address, telephone number or a vehicle registration plate?”

Please ensure that you have the correct address, telephone no. or Vehicle registration plate. ScorEven does not assume any responsibility of a refund in any such case.

“What if the mail is undelivered as it is consigned to spam?”

We will resend it thrice, once every week, more to make sure that it reaches the intended recipient. However, we cannot assume any guarantee in the matter. No requests for refunds can be entertained in the matter.

“What are the rules for creating the own zinger?”
  • The zinger cannot be in more than 30 words.
  • The one-liner has to be an expression of wit and sarcasm, or simply a play of words.
  • It can be directed only towards an individual.
  • It cannot be shared with any other person.
  • No insult targeted towards a religion, sect, gender, political party, association, society or a collection of  individuals
  • No abuses passed on
  • No swearing relayed
  • Names of the sender or recipient or any third party cannot be used in the one-liner.
  • Ganging up against an Individual disallowed
  • No preface or justification permitted
  • Insult can only be directed to an Individual and not his family members explicitly unless it is in the Insult itself.
“On what basis are the zingers classified?”

Nature of the zinger, degree of intensity of the zinger and the intended recipient are the three dimensions of classifying each of the one-liners. All these classifications are based on the opinions of the writers and may not be in accordance with the views of the users.

“What to do if you disagree with the classification of the zingers?”

Let us know at