Sarcasm is the orgasm of mind


.- How is life treating you?

-Like it caught me sleeping with its wife.

It is a conversation between two pals.

The first part is a normal question but the answer to it was laden with wit. It is difficult for the person asking a question not to be appreciative of such a response. A laughter is unescapable.

It is said that a predictable response is a boring response. The small talk that goes on around in personal situations or official set-ups are a very covert way of judging the people’s ability to do thinking on the feet. Mostly people do not understand that their wit is one shield that not only protects them but is also a vital piece of item for being a lady’s knight in shining armor.

Another interesting anecdote that comes to my mind is when I was doing a contract for a company. I was invited to the Annual Christmas party after which I had to make a presentation on the work I was doing in the company. An employee of the company had brought her new born toddler to the party and the CEO of the company was playing with the baby while she was in the pram. The CFO had a good sense of humor and so did the CEO. In the presence of everyone around, he said to the mother of the baby ‘Please take the pram away. Young toddlers are not safe in his company’. The CEO laughed heartily, saying ‘Don’t worry. He is just being sarcastic.’ I don’t know what struck me that I added to the conversation saying ‘Sarcasm is the orgasm of mind’. The audience of over 25 people broke into peels of laughter at that very small comment, and that moment proved out to be the turning point of my relationship with the company big-wigs. I was on a first name basis with them all whereas earlier, I was just one of the many, whom they knew to be hired contractually.

Are you amongst those who can think on the feet to come up with a bright remark in a social setting?

Do you think it is a learn-able skill or is it an inborn talent? is a platform for a circus of wit and sarcasm

Wit Quote


"Adding wit to a sentence can make yours not seem like it is a sentence for the listener"

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