What's in it for you

“Before you open your mouth, your face speaks. After you open your mouth, your words do.”

Welcome to a circus of wit and sarcasm that www. ScorEven.com is the platform for.

Give More Power to Your Punch

You cannot recall a movie that you liked in entirety but a few dialogues stick into your sub-conscious mind as fresh glue. Why do you think is that so? Simply because our attention span is getting limited.

The way forward is to pack more power in each punch.

Use Our Content as Your Intent

Your creativity has an opportunity to show that it has unfettered access to the capability that resides in the recesses of your mind and you have what it takes to be a challenger and a winner. You can weave your words around your emotions, or more appropriately a magic around your words.


Become a Master of Wit & Sarcasm

Life is nothing but a bunch of pleasant and not so pleasant situations where knowing how and when to respond is as critical as what to respond with. The way the society has evolved, the use of wit and sarcasm is a skill that is so much a part of our daily conversation that it has entered our sub-conscious mind. As is with every other skill, frequent usage of wit and sarcasm in your conversation can make you master it much to the detriment of those engaged in a verbal duel with you.

Develop Your Ability to Articulate

One common trait that has been observed in highly successful people is in their ability to articulate their feelings by using appropriate words employing wit and sarcasm. For instance, Donald Trump, Simon Cowell, and just about all the talk show hosts extend their personality by their words, so can you.

Develop Your Sense Of Humor

“The first man who hurled an insult as against a stone was the founder of the civilization”-Sigmund Freud


Sense of humor…

  • is good for your self-confidence and 
  • is essential in social settings
  • gets you acceptance and recognition in office environment
  • helps you evading criticism
  • give you power in tackling insults 
  • is vital for success with the opposite sex.