About Us

We, at Scoreven, have mastered the art of infotainment, wherein we not only provide interesting and humorous content tailor-made to the genre of the Influencer but also give valuable information to their audiences to enable them to change their lives for the better. Trust us to create valuable content for you to share with your audience and provide you with our shoulder’s height to enable you to see far into the future.

Our Vision

We strive to promote ScorEven.com to be the No.1 site for leveraging your intent through our content!

In the process, we will make Scoreven a successful commercial venture and bring it in the list of top 1,000 websites on the Internet.

Our Goals

  • To create the largest database of one-liner-Insults available on Internet
  • To have the website include the latest technology of score card keeping of Insults
  • To make this website an index of an Individual’s unpopularity
  • To create a forum for the audience to channelize anger

Target Audience

  • English speaking world
  • People who prefer non verbal communication
  • Adults with grievances needing an outlet to vent out their feelings
  • Audience from the non English speaking world

About ScorEven

Imagine a building with no windows and then imagine a building with few windows, and finally imagine a building with all its exterior made of glass. 

Metamorphically speaking, what you just saw was a man with poor communication skills, a man with little wit and then finally, a person with the ability to articulate his feelings and words to leave the best possible impact on the minds of his audience. A building with glass exteriors is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of the viewer, appears well-ventilated, and also is transparent to some degree. 

The same goes for a witty person. He or she looks good to the ears of his or her audience, seems to have a clear flow of energy from a source deep inside of him or her, and appears to be open minded and likeable, friendly and gentle. 

Beyond doubt, you are the most important person in your life and yet, you don’t live as if you are one because if you truly thought so, why on the earth you would not equip yourself with skills that are life transforming and life affirmative simultaneously?
Wit is the cornerstone of Communication
We all know it but no conscious attempt has been made to learn it ever, even though it is one skill which can take you light years ahead of others who are competing with you in an era of limited attention span of the humanity. No one among us can recall an entire conversation in verbatim but at best some bits and pieces of it, which are memorable and invariably always those bits and pieces are nuggets of wit and wisdom. The art of communication is nothing else but the art to speak less but tell more, and it can only be achieved through the use of wit, to which the wisdom follows as a shadow.
Wit provides the music in the dance of conversation
Trillions of conversations happen every day and if there was a way of recording them all, you would see that most of these conversations are very mindlessly pursued as is evident in their repetitive nature. To recall any conversation, wit serves as an identifier because routine, boring conversations and presentations are tough to recall because ‘too much said is met with too much ignored’. Wit is a learnable skill, which is perhaps the one most ignored amongst all the skills available to a person.
Words are the most potent drug that is known to mankind since the advent of the first language on the face of the Earth. Nothing could ever get accomplished or for that matter, unaccomplished without expressing oneself in a certain strings of words. Words structure thoughts. Thoughts guide the attitudes of people. Attitudes aid in the development of their personalities. Personalities affect their future. And their future fashions their destiny.