Reasons For Choosing ScorEven

ScorEven.com is the website to put psychiatrists out of business!

Spend an hour on it every alternate day and free up the remaining 164 hours per week from anger.  Figure out for yourself, while you go through the following 3 dozen reasons, as to why should you be here.


It helps you sharpen your wit

Ready To Shoot

All the one liners are written in a 'ready to shoot' mode


It harnesses the power of the word in print

Accent by-passed

Never lose the message to your accent


It promotes a sense of competition to sound interesting

Just the Right Message

Drives across the point of the Sender


Creates a tangible impact

Privacy Assured

Privacy respected as ccing is not possible


Serves as a deterrent for bullies

Earns You Respect

It gets you to be respected

Second Language

Great for people with English as a second language(ESL)

Freedom to Choose

Freedom to choose the right expression to tell your feelings

Feel Good Factor

It enhances your feel good factor by scoring even

Easy to Comprehend

The written message is easier to comprehend

Gift of Gab

To enjoy the play of the language


Popularizing the use of correct English


It develops your expression


It has the benefit of replying back without identifying yourself

Batters Bores

Batters bores, demolishes detractors and petrifies predators

Wider Range

The written messages have wider range and connotation

Play With Words

Written quotes can also accommodate word play, which often gets lost in spoken words

Keeps Your Brain Young

It has its effect in delaying the ageing of the brain

Tackling Narcissism

It helps in tackling narcissism, which is already an epidemic

All Fresh

None of these one-liners have been used before


Flexibility to use your own one liner, which meets the standard of creativity and cryptiness

Specific Insults

Specific situation based one liner can be written for a fee

You, The Author

Name of the buyer appears as the author of the quote

Grab Attention

World, by and large, has individuals with a limited attention span. So speak less to get heard more

Limited License

The limited license of using these one-liners gets sold to buyers

Fuel for Your Wit

Be the life of a party by remembering these chunky nuggets of wit

Nominal Sum

Paying a nominal sum for the message lends credibility to the spirit in which it is said

Select & Send

Generally, people have a better cognitive ability than expression ability. All they have to do is to select and send

No Jargons

All the one liners are written in Basic English avoiding jargon

Universal Applicability

No references to any celebrities or known events, is made in these one-liners to ensure universal applicability


Increased ability of Language awareness

Great Alternative

Great alternative for those who feel limited by being stuck with swear words