Expression leads to Impression


Expression leads to Impression.

This statement is as true as air and water.

A good expression is an indicator of the health of the mind of an Individual. It not only makes him stand out. It makes him outstanding too.

Have you ever come across a dull or insipid person as the life of the party? If your answer is yes, you’ve just earned the right to skip whatever that is written ahead. Such a person is usually a knife in the party. On the flip side, a witty person has to work his way out of a crowd as the people around can never have enough of him. Where do you picture yourself in these two extremes? Somewhere in the middle! The important question to ask yourself is to which extreme are you trending. Besides increasing your acceptability before others, it is also worthwhile for your own confidence to make a conscious attempt to bridge this gap you have with those who are already there as the best.

The best way to bring your personality out of the closet is by immersing yourself in situations where you have to fight the fear of your inability to express yourself in a way that you get appreciated. Undoubtedly, there is some work involved as you are trying to shake off the inertia which is acting like a plaque on your personality, so get ready to angle your brush to extend it to its hard to reach areas. is a platform for a circus of wit and sarcasm.

Wit Quote


"The use of wit prevents the misuse of words by the speaker and the disuse of words by the listener"

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