Wit is the act of paving the road on which the wheels of wisdom could roll

It is a Middle Eastern fable which goes on like this:

‘A man owned his family land passed on to him from his previous generations. He wanted to go on a pilgrimage and he gives the access to it to his best friend for ensuring safe-upkeep. His friend takes good care of the land for two decades. One day, the original owner comes back and asks his friend to give him back the possession of land. His friend refuses to do so. The feud escalated and the matter was brought to the notice of the local court. On the day of the judgement, the judge heard the arguments from both sides wherein the original owner said ‘The land is mine because it is my ancestral property’, and his friend claimed ‘The land is mine because I have cared and tended the land for all these years’. The Judge, looked at each of them, gave his verdict saying ‘Neither the land belongs to you or to you. In fact, both of you belong to the land’. The story has very deep meaning. The wit of the judge translates into the wisdom of his message.

Wit is the act of paving the road on which the wheels of wisdom could roll. Wit and wisdom are so inextricably linked that often, it is not possible to be witty without conveying the underlying wisdom. And as it usually happens, wit is long forgotten but wisdom sticks into the inner core of its recipient forever.

Have you ever observed that the people whose talks display their underlying wisdom have others gravitating towards them? If yes, then you’ve witnessed a very natural phenomenon. On the flip side, there are people who are sermonizing the same message of wisdom but relying solely on positional authority rather than wit. Such people get dismissed as boring or pedantic. 

Are you of the opinion that wit and wisdom have the relation of fingers to the palm of a hand?

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"I hear you are a ready wit. Tell me when you find me ready to listen"

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