What words can do


Words are the most potent drug that is known to mankind since the advent of the first language on the face of the Earth. Nothing could ever get accomplished or for that matter, unaccomplished without expressing oneself in a string of words.

Words structure thoughts. Thoughts guide the attitudes of people. Attitudes aid in the development of their personalities. Personalities affect their future. And their future fashions their destiny.

Words create conflict : Words provide a solution.
Words communicate : Words build barriers.
Words excite : Words cause dullness.
Words fan passion : Words depress.

The dotted line relationship between each set of words (as specified above) represents how a man moves from left to right and back thousands of time in his life time. It is such a sub-conscious exercise that this activity of speaking words is very mindlessly pursued. Hence, more often than not, one cannot create the best effect that one can bring about without any training and practice.

In a world that is becoming more increasingly complex with time, to stay ahead of the game, unfortunately you need your legs not only to walk but to trip others too. The same goes for the words.

One very good example that comes to my mind here is a situation which I faced a little while back.

I am not as tall as I would have liked myself to be, and this one fact translates into me being required to shorten the height of the standard sized pants that I buy from the Store. There is a Flea market close to my home and I took my pants over there to a lady who had a tailoring shop over there.

I asked her ‘what is the cost to shorten the pants to the desired height?’.

She replied ‘$6’.

I said ‘But last time, you charged me $5’

She replied very spontaneously ‘That means you owe me a dollar from the last time too’.

I burst into a laughter at her witty observation. And in fact, ended up paying her not only what she asked for, but also for that one dollar less from the last time. The latter because of her wit.

My question to you is:

Would you have rewarded her for her wit?


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Wit Quote


"Wit is more important than beauty because you get to share it more freely"

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