Money Talks - Mostly to Say, Goodbye!

To be changed…. Marriages are made in heaven. Jokes on them are made on earth!  And the best of those jokes can be found on Scoreven.  If you are happy with your marriage or not so happy with it, let your spouse know about it.  Who knows, you might become happier!  Browse through these funny marriage cartoons and select the one that you wish your spouse to admire!

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On this page, you can view only few creatives, whereas, there are over 100 such amazing, witty, funny, quotes and toons.  But in the book, you can not only view, but can also use these witty, funny, quotes and cartoons by way of sending them as E-Cards or P-Cards (P for Paper!). And then, price is another reason to go for this book, e.g., If you go to buy a card, the cheapest would cost you about 1$. So, for 100 cards you might end up paying 100$.  But here, you can get 100 cards for as less as 11.99$ – That’s a Good Deal!

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